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  • This is the best casket company. They delivered my fathers casket the same day it was ordered. You cannot beat that. The funeral home was even impressed. We decided on their company, not just because of the reviews, which are impeccable but because they are in NEW YORK. We didn't want to risk lateness, damage and not showing up. He delivered and got paid at delivery, you can't be that professional service. He wasnt just someone taking an order,like other companies. He texted and was talking with us the whole time, if that isn't service I don't know what is nowadays. Joe you ROCK! Watson Family Bronx NY 11/25/2020
  • Hands down joe is one of the best guys to deal with.I had to get casket for my stepfather so i called late night and left a voice-mail. Joe promptly called back that night. I explained what i was looking for and when I needed it. He had started the order that night. He emailed me next morning with paperwork. The casket came on time in perfect condition top quality product. I went with a cedar one and received a lot compliments on it. Joe even reached out to make sure everything worked out and to make sure I was happy. Its reassuring to see people like joe take pride in their business at a time like this . Highly recommended  Leone Family Massachusetts 11/25/2020
  • Perfect, perfect and perfect. Thank you for delivering a casket the same day we ordered. You went above and beyond and even discounted the casket by $200.00 less than everyone else online. You didn't charge delivery and I was skeptical but you kept you word the whole time. Another online company was charging us $250.00 more for expedited service. Very Rude in my eyes. My brother found you and everything you said you did. You communicated and was there 25 minutes earlier. We didn't even pay until we inspected the casket at night. You truly came through on the same day ordered with no additional costs. Thank you Joe. Phyllis and Ryan NJ. 11/20/2020
  • We can't ask for better service. From answering on weekends, to all hours of the day. The Titan Silver casket was perfect and my dad looked peaceful and at rest. Thank you for your expertise on the funeral industry. Thanks Joe. Patricia Bronx NY. 11/20/2020
  • Joe, Thank you for the beautiful casket for my mother. It was top notch. The shipping next day was perfect and free as well. Thank you again. Ramon California. 11/20/2020
  • Thanks for your help Joe. The Titan Casket Blue was beautiful. You were trusted from the start and very cordial. You were amazing and a Trusted Casket Comp that we can call anytime.We could not thank you enough. Thanks Joe. Mary Ellen from Seattle Washington. 11/18/2020
  • DONT BUY FROM AMAZON. My mother passed away and we thought buying from Amazon was easy. Well it wasn't, they never delivered and the third party TITAN CASKETS, never answered. Amazon is a just a reseller. Call casket emporium, they are direct and personally deliver the casket. My mother was just sitting in a funeral home without a casket. Joe came through in the nick of time and even discounted his prices because he didnt want us paying 2x for the casket. We then found out this company, TITAN CASKETS. is just a middle person pushing products. Joe delivered straight from his warehouse and it was safe the whole way through. Joe was the guardian angel. Forever in gratitude.
  • As Executor of mom's meager Estate, my sister wanted the very best for our beloved mother. Unfortunately, she had a champaign appetite on a beer budget. But she agreed to allow me to see if I could do better than the $3,000 casket from the Funeral Home she had originally selected. Joe, from Casket Emporium had the same make and model for less, but he also provided pictures and descriptions of several comparable choices, both in quality and design. Our selection was half the amount and all 6 of my siblings agreed it was a beautiful tribute to our beloved mother. Joe was never pushy, but patiently provided his experience and insights throughout our decision-making process. Our selection was delivered undamaged, on time, and directly to the funeral home as part of the total fee. I would highly recommend Casket Emporium to anyone in need. Thanks again Joe! Greg
  • Online Casket Purchase

    I had no idea you could purchase caskets online. I did my homework and found that Casketemporium had the best next day delivery cost. Working with Joe was a blessing. He is a very caring man. Save yourself some money, with quick delivery and buy from Joe. Mary.

  • Excellent Prices, Service & Merchandise

    I was notified of my mother's passing on Sunday evening. My mother had pre planned her funeral for an immediate burial so a casket was needed upon short notice. None that the funeral home had to offer in our price range were satisfactory to us. I spoke with Joe Monday and he went out of his way to suggest several available & assist me in finding the perfect one for mom. He had it delivered to the funeral home by mid day Tuesday & it was absolutely beautiful & perfect in every way! I can't say enough about the quality of both the service & merchandise they provided. I'd give them 10 stars if I could. Moore Family

  • Compassion in time of need.

    I made arrangements in advance for a funeral for my husband who was very sick. I picked out a casket and was not that fond of it. I found Casket Emporium on line and besides having a good rating with BBB, the reviews were great. I got in touch with them and Joe took the patience and time to find what I was looking for. Never having thought to by on line I was a little nervous, when Joe delivered the Casket is was exactly what I wanted for my husband. I also bought the concrete vault from him and they were both half the price of the funeral home. They also have more of a selection then funeral homes. I highly recommend them and would tell anyone to check with them before buying from funeral homes. Schettino Family

  • Reliable and Reasonable Casket Dealer

    The services for our recently deceased father were held at Fook  Funeral Home in Flushing NY. Based on the handful of casket options offered by the funeral home, my step-mom chose a Batesville casket for $6,500.Because the planning meeting with the funeral director felt like a meeting with a car salesman, my brother and I decided to do some on-line research to confirm that the $6,500 was a fair price and/or to find a comparable casket at lower price.I found and called a casket distributor in Michigan, but that company did not service the NY area. Fortunately, the Michigan guy tells me "Joe" can help me and gives me Joe's number. My brother called Joe, who was able to offer the same exact casket for $4,000. At first, I planned to ask the funeral home to reduce our costs by the $2,500 difference. But, when I called Joe to confirm that he could get the same model for $4,000, I decided to buy the casket through Joe instead because he seemed so honest and helpful. When the funeral home was informed of our decision to buy the casket separately, they tried to make it more difficult by saying that we would also need to independently purchase the vault because of their concern that the casket might not fit properly in the vault. When the issue was brought to Joe, Joe said he could get the same vault for about $1,000 cheaper than the funeral home. However, the local vault companies won't work with Joe on vaults for this particular funeral home. The reason being that this funeral home would stop using any vault company that produced vaults for outside vendors. When I get Joe and the funeral director on a call together, the funeral director backtracks and says the funeral home would be able to get the vault. After the call, Joe asks me for the name of the cemetery where my father will be buried. I tell him Rosehill. Off the top of his head, he tells me to call "Ruth" at Rosehill to see if a vault is actually needed. So, we called Ruth, who indicated a vault was optional, not mandatory, for my father's plot. That would up saving us another $2,200. I would totally recommend Joe for casket needs. In addition to offering great prices, Joe seems knowledgeable on all aspects of funerals and is really good to work with. Poon Family.

  • I was referred to this company by a…

    I was referred to this company by a good friend. I worked with this company and I want to,say that it was well worth it. The company treated me very well and there professionalism was outstanding.

  • My father passed away on April 2

    My father passed away on April 2, 2020 and we needed to find a nice casket he would’ve liked without a ridiculous mark up. The funeral home prices were just not going to work, so I started searching online. I contacted several online stores who all had several issues (inventory, hidden prices, shipping, and arrival time). Then my search led me to Casket Emporium. Joe was nothing short of great. He was nice, patient ,understanding, and helped me find the perfect casket for my father. He personally made sure the casket was delivered to the funeral home two days before the viewing. The casket exceeded our expectations, and even the funeral home stated it was a very nice casket. This is the place to find a nice casket for a loved one when looking for quality, reasonable prices, and excellent customer service

  • Mr.Joe is a blessing!

    Mr. Joe, words cannot Express how much my family thanks you! You helped us through these difficult times & reassured me that I can call you at any given time. You even mailed the casket out without worrying about money. You are in the right business and GOD has given you a gift. If & when anyone that I know needs a casket, your company will forever be mentioned. Thank you!

  • Can't go wrong with Joe 

    Funerals are already tough, but they're made worse due to stress from demanding, opinionated Asian relatives, very specific Asian customs I have never heard of in my life and the unplanned financial burden. No joke, I was stressed beyond belief. Costs were piling up quickly and I felt like if I kept making compromises, I wasn't going to be able to fulfill the deceased's last wishes.....until I stumbled upon Joe. Joe reached out to me constantly throughout the process to make sure I got everything I needed and even gave me advice on how to handle certain issues during the process. Joe works hard for you because he understands how hard this time can be. He helped me with a selection of caskets that fit the deceased's wishlist in a wide price range so there was no financial pressure to go expensive. I would not hesitate to recommend Joe to any friend or family, because he goes above and beyond what his job entails. Huang Family

  • The first conversation with Joe was filled with courtesy and professionalism. He delivered a casket that was perfect in condition and within the time frame he stated. The convenience of his service was well appreciated during a difficult time. I highly recommend that you use his business for your casket needs. His prices and variety were phenomenal. Lawshawn Jackson and Family
  • Excellent, Outstanding service we receive from Joe from Casketemporium. My brother passed and I was in a deadline with funds and time for his services. Joe came to our rescue with processing and shipping a high quality casket within two days. He promised the funeral home would have the casket Friday morning and kept his promise. We were able to have the viewing Friday afternoon. Thank you so much Casketemporium! Cassandra Burke
  • Needed some assistance with a casket for my Brother-in-law. Due to the funeral home I was dealing with trying to rip me off by a few thousand dollars. I decided to shop around calling 3 other companies, having to leave messages or in boxing my request and someone would get back with me 3 to 4 days later. But when I called the casketempurim Joe in boxes me and stated he can take care of what I needed. Joe even went a step further by given me his personal number, because of the ruff time, I was having with the funeral home. Joe step in on a 3 way call and stopped the funeral home from ripping me off. Joe I'm truly thankful for all your help!! If anyone needs help laying someone to rest give The Casketempurim a call and ask for Joe. Taylor Family.
  • I was notified of my mother's passing on Sunday evening. My mother had pre planned her funeral for an immediate burial so a casket was needed upon short notice. None that the funeral home had to offer in our price range were satisfactory to us. I spoke with Joe Monday and he went out of his way to suggest several available & assist me in finding the perfect one for mom. He had it delivered to the funeral home by mid day Tuesday & it was absolutely beautiful & perfect in every way! I can't say enough about the quality of both the service & merchandise they provided. I'd give them 10 stars if I could.
  • Casket Emporium is the best! Joe is a very trustworthy merchant who will go above and beyond to make sure your loved one is taken care of. Even though my funeral director was lying and giving both of us a hard time about using an "outside" company for the casket, Joe stood by me and met all their unreasonable demands. His product was beautiful. Everyone present at the funeral said my dad was going to be laid to rest in a Cadillac. I would highly recommend Joe and his company to anyone who needs his fine quality merchandise and services. Thank you very much Casket Emporium.
  • Best decision, I ever made. By answering the live chat, I said what could I lose. Well best choice my family and I ever made. By speaking with Joe, all our fears were diminished. He guided us through the whole process. He saved us on a casket,vault and helped lower our funeral bill by $2000.00. Best decision ever answering his live chat.Joe your the best a guiding light in this stressful situation.
  • Joe was excellent he kept his word every time . I unfortunately had to bury 3 of my family members in 90 days and this took a lot of pressure off because he helped our family save a lot of money and offered us great service and information. He was respectful, quick and accurate
  • Honestly, Casket Emporium was like having an angel on our side. When another funeral home literally gave false information to try to get my family to buy their product, Joe from Casket Emporium helped me to learn the truth about pricing, sizing, and other information to make informed decisions for my loved one! I recommend them 100%!
  • Best  Decision You Can Make During This Time. So I’ll start by saying this... if you DON’T check with Joe at CasketEmporium, you are simply doing yourself a disservice...He followed up. He took every call. Every single thing he said and promised came good.  
  • We had to purchase an Oversize Casket for a women and we found Casket Emporium to help us. There are not enough words to express how thankful I am to Casket Emporium. Joe was very professional and trusting. The casket I picked was beautiful. Even the funeral director commented on how nice it looked. I must admit I was a little worried but Joe eased by fears. We needed an over sized casket for a woman. I was surprised but pleased with the variety. Most over sized caskets look masculine but the one I selected was beautiful. It was silver with black accents. I think it was called the Franklin Silver. The casket can be used for a man or a woman. The casket arrived in Baltimore on the date promised. I highly recommend Casket Emporium. You won't be disappointed. Don't waste your time with other companies who jerk you around with countless questions. You'll be pleased with Casket Emporium From beginning to end
  •  Impeccable service.My experience with Joe and Casket Emporium was amazing! The product was beautiful, the pricing was reasonable and most importantly the service was impeccable. In a time of hardship, the seamlessness of this process made my life a whole lot easier.

  • Thank you Joe, when Tim @ trusted caskets couldn't help me , you came through. I didn't want the stress of having a casket come from the west coast. You guided me and were there on time in Queens, NY. Thank you again. Shop Local and shop smart, Casket Emporium.
  • I just wanted to thank casket emporium for their professionalism, compassion and experience in caskets. When my mother passed away in June, the funeral home in NJ was way over priced. I called a couple of other companies online but they were adding on additional costs to get the casket here the next day. I found casket emporium and there were no additional costs and the casket was here the next day. Now, the funeral home who will remain nameless at this time was very rude to the owner of casket emporium and was trying to get very close and violent about the whole situation.Joe from casket emporium was very calm and very respectful and explained its the law and there is no need for anger. He calmed the situation and when the irate funeral director left , we talked some more and he was just awesome. I am a member of large Polish Immigration society and I explain to everyone that you can buy a casket other than from the funeral home and to call Joe and he will help you save thousands of dollars. Took me a while to write this as I am still dealing with my mothers passing and the unprofessionalism of the funeral home, who added much more unnecessary grief to my family. Don't get bullied into buying a casket from a funeral home. Stanley
  • Thank you Joe , Thank you Joe, Thank you Joe. Thank you for helping me save on funeral costs and your casket was so beautiful for my mom and everyone that came to the service loved the casket. My family was so happy we found you and you were so kind, compassionate and very professional through and through. It took me a while to write something but I wanted to thank you so much. I tell everyone every day about how you saved me on funeral costs and how you educated me about the funeral process. Thank you so much Joe your the best. Johnson Family is forever grateful.
  • I was in desperate need of a casket for my mother's final resting. I had ordered from a company that was from the west coast. I truly stumbled upon Casket Emporium and spoke with Joe. He helped me clear the order mishap from West coast. I bought a Beautiful resting Bed for my mother. Joe gave me his word that it would be there exactly on time. His word held up and I'm forever referring this company to all of my family and friends. Thank you so much Joe your the best
  • I found Casket Emporium online. The funeral director gave me a price for a couple of caskets that were either overpriced or not to my liking so I decided to look elsewhere. Casket Emporium had a variety of options and prices available. I found a casket I liked and Joe gave me a couple of options, that I wasn’t aware of. We agreed on a date for delivery and it was delivered to the funeral home when he said it would be. I could not physically see them because if COVID-19. I wasn’t asked for payment until it was delivered. I finally saw the casket and it was better looking in person than online. The process was seamless and I hope I don’t have to shop for caskets any time soon, but if I did, I would call Casket Emporium.
  • From the moment I placed my order until the delivery of the casket I was personally reached out to in regards to my order and it's status. They were little details but really help in a time where you have all the stress of planning a funeral and comforting family. Thank you Joe for your work in these times!

  • We tried buying a casket from Titan Casket.They are not in my local area and tried charging us extra costs for shipping/delivery. We found casket emporium and they didn't charge any extra fees or add ons. Joe personally delivered the casket and didn't even accept payment until we inspected the casket. Please before buying a casket online, which we definitely recommend, research the company to make sure they don't fly them in and use couriers. Casket Emporium was exceptional all the way through. Thank you Joe.
  • My family are extremely grateful for the great care and service that Joe from Casket Emporium showed to us; especially at this most different time of our lives. My mother-in-law’s casket was as beautiful as she was and fitting for our queen. Thanks again
  • Joe was efficient and professional from the beginning till the end. My Grandmother passed away from Covid on April 3rd. My Grandpa had passed away back in 2017 and we had ordered this beautiful blue casket from Casket Emporium then. I reached out to Joe again for a matching casket for my Grandmother. Even though the funeral home changed the dates on us three times, Joe delivered the casket in perfect condition as promised. He wasn't cold like the funeral home people had been. He got the job done and was still able to be compassionate. A week after my Grandmother's passing, my Uncle also passed. Joe offered to help with an urn too even though that wasn't his usual thing to do. If you're looking for the best prices and service, contact Joe 100%. Thank you Joe for making this process easier by ensuring the timely delivery of my Grandmother's casket. It was beautiful and a perfect match to my Grandpa's.
  • Margaret Johnson
    I recently purchased a casket online instead of from the funeral home. I did my research and upon talking to many funeral homes and retailers, this was the absolute best company to deal with. The owners knowledge of caskets, funerals and everything else was outstanding. I didn’t feel like I was getting pushed into anything that I didn’t want. I felt even more at ease that he didn’t want payment until the casket was delivered. He even offered to meet me at a showroom to make me more at ease with what I was purchasing. I couldn’t thank him more and the casket was more beautiful than the ones at the funeral homes. Delivery was done personally by the owner and I couldn’t thank him more! My family wasn’t treated as just a customer but as he was dealing with his own family. Thank you so much for everything. Ms Johnson.
    Margaret Johnson
  • Aw Sa
    I called a couple of companies before I got to casket emporium. I needed a casket on a Tuesday and called tuesday am and casket was delivered same day . The owner himself answered and personally delivered the casket tuesday. I couldn’t believe how smooth the transition was and how he always answered the phone and there was no issues and casket came. He didn’t ask for a down payment, nothing. He just wanted the location and casket was there on time . The other companies wanted me to wait till mid week for airlines and so on. I just felt more at ease dealing with a local company and not a company from the other side of the country. He offered for me to come a showroom , to make me feel more at ease, I just felt at ease knowing he was in the metropolitan area. Thank you again for the lovely casket for my dad. You helped us save so much money. Thanks again.
    Aw Sa
  • Reginald Sampson
    I cannot thank Joe enough for his compassion and help with the casket. He went above and beyond and his expertise was exceptional. He was there for every phone call and text. I didn’t feel pressured into buying something I didn’t like. I also felt that the knowledge he knew about the industry, helped make our decisions so much more easier. We tried other online companies but it was more of a business but with casket emporium we didn’t just feel like another customer but felt very comfortable dealing with him and his compassion. Thank you again and we will always recommend you to eve tune we know.
    Reginald Sampson
  • Norm Coppo
    After numerous frustrating attempts to find an affordable and attractive casket online Joe came through for us. Other companies passed me from one contact to another. They show products that are unavailable. They come across as trying to make an impression without actually helping. Joe responds immediately and has all the resources and information needed, he keeeps in touch at each step, and all his communications are clear, efficient and in person. I could not have asked for better service. I intend to turn to him for future needs.
    Norm Coppo
  • Stanley Waters
    Just wanted to say how wonderful it was dealing with Casket Emporium. Every phone call was met with professionalism and expertise. The casket was delivered on time and was exactly what we spoke about. Thank you for your helping my family and saving us a lot of money.
    Stanley Waters
  • Kevin Washington
    I'd like to thank Joe for his honesty and being straight forward with me. I had the pleasure of dealing with Joe last month when "SKY CASKETS" over charged me for a casket and didn't deliver it on the day they said they would. Now I'm having problems getting my funds back from SKY CASKETS....I called Joe and he told me exactly what he could do and he did exactly that. I thank Joe for being there when I needed him and will use his services again if ever needed. Thanks again Joe.
    Kevin Washington
  • Rashad Williamson
    I learned of this company from a friend. They purchased a casket from them instead of the funeral home and was so happy with the product and experience, that they recommended that I call them. I was so happy I did. Joe was so helpful and didn’t force me into buying something I did not want. He didn’t ask for money, credit card or anything up front. He explained the whole process of purchasing, to delivery and everything he said was 1000 percent accurate. I couldn’t be more happier that I was recommended Joe and Casket Emporium and they helped save me thousands on my funeral expenses. Thank you again and your the best.
    Rashad Williamson
  • Dolores Rode
    I highly recommend Casket Emporium. Joe, the owner, was prompt returning phone calls and texts. Nothing worse than being in mourning and not getting your questions answered. Great prices, great customer service. No worries at all.
    Dolores Rode

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